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Increase the capacity of your smartphone, tablet or PC with this huge one-day sale on storage products – Android Central

As part of its daily deals, Amazon has a wide selection of storage products from SanDisk, Western Digital and G-Technology, on sale with prices starting at just $9. Whether you need a flash drive[1] or external hard drive[2] to keep personal files with you, or a microSD card[3] to add to your phone or tablet, or even a new internal hard drive[4] for your computer, you're covered here.

There are a bunch of other great deals[5] in the sale that you'll also want to check out. Many of the deals have also been matched at B&H[6] if you prefer to shop there. These prices are gone when the morning comes, so don't miss out.

This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure policy[7] for more details.


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