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It's not fake reviews you need to worry about online, it's people who don't know what they are talking about – The Independent

Amazon may be flooded with fake reviews[1] and it is certainly a worry that platforms carry supposedly five-star reviews that have been generated by some computer on the other side of the planet. But actually it’s not fake reviews that we need to worry about when shopping online. It is people who don’t really understand what they are talking about.

We live in a world where people trust “real” reviewers rather than experts. So we choose a restaurant on the basis of its rating by hundreds of people who have eaten there, rather than the review in a guide book or a newspaper column. The same goes for a bit of equipment, a dishwasher or some headphones. We do that because the reviews are more up to date and we think we can usually figure out the duff comments and make allowance for them. The worst that happens is you have a mediocre meal or buy a substandard product; annoying, but not a catastrophe.

The much bigger problem comes when the reviewers praise a service that seems to them to be fine, but that they actually know nothing about it. At best, people who follow them encounter a huge amount of hassle. At worst, they can lose their life savings.

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