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Let the Landroid M robot lawnmower do your yardwork for you

One thing that no one tells you about owning a home is just how much work it’s going to be taking care of your lawn. As it turns out, the grass doesn’t stay short and green unless you take care of it. Luckily, you can save yourself some time and sweat by handing off the heavy lifting to Landroid M, a robotic lawnmower from Worx. It’s available along with a whole bunch of accessories and add-ons starting at $1,000 from Worx or Amazon.

Think of the Landroid M as a Roomba for your front yard. The robotic lawnmower is programmed to operate all on its own, unsupervised, on up to one-quarter of an acre of land. It can cut all own its own, ensuring that your lawn doesn’t get out of control without requiring you to gas up your mower and lug it around the yard in the summer heat.

If you’d like more control over Landroid M’s efforts, you can get more granular with the Landroid smartphone app. Through the mobile platform, you can program the mower to cut to your precise specifications. Create a perimeter around your yard so Landroid knows exactly where to cut, create a working schedule for the robot, and get updates via notifications when your mower is working and when it isn’t. For example, if it starts to rain when your mower should be outside, it will charge itself and head back out when the sky has cleared up.

The Landroid M is powered by a Worx 20V MAX Lithium 4.0 Ah battery, which is compatible with any number of other Worx products. It’s ready to go right out of the box, and utilizes an offset blade the minimizes the need for trimming around edges, keeping the amount of work you’ll need to do to a minimum. The mower makes use of patented technologies and a problem-solving algorithm that can help navigate narrow passages and other obstacles.

“We’ve redefined the new Landroid with the latest technology to make it a “smart mower” that’s a true asset to homeowners,” Thales Marques, Worx product manager, said in a statement. “The Landroid M is a real timesaver for homeowners who would rather spend time golfing, going to the beach or pool, attending a baseball game or relaxing on their deck or patio.”

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