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Revealed: Tesco to offer Clubcard holders big discounts on groceries and more in May – MoneySavingExpert

Which items will be discounted?

We don't yet have a full picture of how the promo will work, as Tesco hasn't released full info. It's also possible some details could change. However, the document we've seen says Clubcard holders will be able to get discounts "on a whole range of products, from coffee to cat food, as well as F&F clothing and BBQ tools in larger stores".

We're not sure if the discount will apply in all Tesco stores – we'll update this story when we have full details. But we do know that at least some smaller Express stores and some larger stores will feature the promo. The document says there will be signage displayed within stores to indicate which items are on promotion.

While the exact details of what you can get will vary by store, the examples we've seen in a document issued to staff working at Tesco Express stores include the following (though prices aren't confirmed and may end up changing):

  • 50% off Nescafé Alta Rica instant coffee (100g) – down to £2.50 from £5.
  • 33% off Lipton Ice Tea peach flavour (1.25L) – down to £1.16 from £1.75.
  • 25% off Monster Origin energy drink multipack (4x500ml) – down to £3.63 from £4.85.
  • 15% off Tesco Luxury soft toilet tissue (nine rolls quilted) – down to £3.35 from £3.95.
  • 15% off Tesco Finest lightly salted crisps (150g) – down to £0.85 from £1.

It's worth pointing out that even though these discounts are significant, the price after the reduction may still be beatable elsewhere – DON'T assume something's a good deal just because it's discounted. When details of the offers are confirmed we'll be doing a full price check to see if the discounts really stack up.

You can compare supermarket prices using the Mysupermarket comparison tool – see full details in the Supermarket Shopping Tips guide.

Is a wider roll-out likely to follow?

The plans we've seen bill the promotion as a one-off to celebrate Tesco's 100th birthday, and at the moment there's no specific indication it's a pilot for a wider scheme in the future. But it comes amid rumblings that Tesco is changing tack on its loyalty scheme.

Two weeks ago The Sunday Times reported that Tesco had trialled giving Clubcard holders extra discounts on 20 randomly selected groceries for a week at 50 stores. 

And there have been other reports that Tesco is looking longer term at introducing an Amazon-style loyalty scheme, which would give shoppers greater incentives to sign up to the company’s other products, such as its bank and mobile phone services.

We've asked Tesco about these reports - it hasn't confirmed anything yet but we'll update this story when we hear back.

How will the promotion work?

According to the documents, Tesco Clubcard holders will simply need to buy items as normal and scan their Clubcard at the till for the discount to be automatically applied. If you're shopping online, the discount will be added at the checkout stage and will be shown on your receipt.

The document says there's no limit on the number of discounted items you can buy in one go. 

What if I don't have a Clubcard?

If you're not signed up to Clubcard when the promo's running but still want the discount, the document says you will be able to sign up on the spot via the app on your phone and take advantage of the discount.

It's also worth noting that while the document says you need to have your Clubcard with you in order to get the offer, if you've forgotten it, it may still be worth asking for the discount anyway.

The briefing says: "If the customer is... clearly disappointed, naturally we don't want them to leave the store having had a bad experience. To help make their experience better, explain that as a 'one off' on this occasion only, you will honour this and let them have the discount."

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