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Roav Bolt puts the power of Google Assistant in your car video – CNET

What would you say about bringing the power of Google Assistant into your car for 50 bucks without Android Auto? This is the bunker road. It's a small accessory that plugs into your cars 12 volt outlets that also connects to your phone using Bluetooth. I'm going to show you how it works. Through fold is basically a Google Home mini for your car that looks like a Google Chromecast for your TV. With it you'll be able to ask Google Assistant for the time and the weather, ask it to navigate you around, read off your messages, and even send a response. You can place a phone call, play music and ebooks, play games like Ad Libs for example. When you're ready to use it, there are two ways to activate Google Assistant. You can long press the button, or you can say hey Google or okay Google. Then the speaker command or question. Let's take a closer look at the Roav Bolt. There's just a plug end, a single button on the front and two USB A ports that you can use to charge up your phone. Setting up the Roav Bolt is very easy, after you pair it with your phone over Bluetooth, we'll it in and that's it. You do need to give it a few seconds to warm up So, now how about this aux cable? Google says that even if your car can't connect over bluetooth to your phone, using the auxiliary cable will improve audio. It's not just for older cars. You may need to select the aux audio setting though if your car has a screen. So when can you use it? Well, the [INAUDIBLE] turns on when the car's battery turns on. The car doesn't have to be fully running for it to work, but you do have to engage the battery. The connection to your phone is important, too. When you make a phone call using the [UNKNOWN], the dial screen pops up on your phone. The same happens when you launch Google Maps navigation. That way, if you have a phone on the dashboard, dock, or in your passenger's hand, then it's easy to follow along turn by The phone also has to be within Bluetooth range for Google Assistant to work. And if your phone loses battery or a signal, the Roav Bolt does too. The Bolt will use your phone's data, so if you have a limit just keep that in mind. You can ask Google Assistant on the Roav Bolt most things you can ask it in your home, but there will be some limitations. For example, you won't be able to pull up photos while you're driving. But with the [UNKNOWN] you can still get Google Assistant through your car speakers even if your phone never leaves your pocket.

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