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Some of the best audio brands have really weird names – CNET

Schiit Freya tube preamplifier

These are some of my all-time favorite audio brands, but the names are a little weird. All are successful enterprises, so the strange names didn't hurt one bit. 

Schiit Audio may not have been first in the weird name game, but Schiit, pronounced just like you'd think, got a lot of attention when it started in 2010, and the name still does. If all Schiit had was the stop-you-in-your-tracks name it wouldn't be the major player in affordable audio it is today. Schiit makes headphone and speaker amplifiers, digital converters, and it'll soon debut its first turntable, the Sol. They all sound like Schiit, and they're all made in Newhall, California.

Pictured: Schiit Freya

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