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Steam, Discounts for the Golden Week on Many Japanese Games – Spark Chronicles

So many Japanese games discounted with sales for the Golden Week on Steam.

In Japan, the Golden Week starts and Steam responds with themed balances, with many discounts on Japanese games in the Valve digital delivery catalog. 

The Golden Week, or Golden Week, is a long holiday period just a week that in Japan has a certain importance, corresponding with the beginning of May and usually characterized by trips and moments of relaxation in the open air, but this it does not mean that one cannot celebrate it simply by playing on a PC, considering that in our country the anniversary is not even celebrated. To console ourselves, therefore, we can dedicate ourselves to unbridled shopping on Steam, with a wide range of discounted games until 7 May 2019, reachable on this page. Among these there are also titles of great caliber like Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter V, NieR: Automata, Nioh, Dark Souls III and many others, of which we report here below those most in view:[1]

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