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The 2020 Audi R8 V10 Performance is a little bit different, still great video – Roadshow

[BLANK_AUDIO] [NOISE] [BLANK_AUDIO] And that, the sound of silence being split asunder by a glorious naturally aspirated V10. Well in many ways it's all you really need to know about an R8 [SOUND] This is the Audi R8 V10 performance, performance now replacing what was previously plus. So its the top of the tree. The muk daddy. [SOUND] Despite talk of power increases. And improvements to the handling, this is really, a very mild facelift to the second generation R-8. The standard V10 gets reasonable hike in power by 30-brake horsepower but But this, the top of the range. And it gets a mild lift up to 611 brake horsepower. And 205 miles an hour, flat out this will do. The power increases are thanks to a titanium valve crane with higher valve lift. And they're in spite of the addition of a particulate filter. Idea's been a little coy about any specific suspension changes. There is a new carbon and aluminum anti-roll bar in the front, which saves two kilos. So what else have we got? Well, we still got rear bass quarto, the electro mechanical set to differential, mechanical differential in the rear [NOISE] Twin clutch, automatic gear box with the paddles [INAUDIBLE] a bit. And on this performance version you get an enormous six [INAUDIBLE] volt calipers on the surrounding brakes, which increases the [INAUDIBLE] weight by about 15 kilos. You also get sport suspension [INAUDIBLE] [NOISE] on this is standard. And this is what we got here. You can option magna ride suspension. It's a little more breadth, a little more comfort but I do like a passive downturn. You can also have dynamic steering, which Ivy claims to have improved. Thankfully, I've no way of judging Because this has got the standard steering on it, which we've always preferred. Normally, I wouldn't dwell too much on the appearance of a car, because looks are subjective, and one person's Mona Lisa is another's dog's dinner. But given that some of the biggest changes about this new R8 are the looks, particularly the front end. I thought I should pass comment. It's a bit more aggressive, bit more [INAUDIBLE] Bit fussier too. Bit more Honda Civic Type R, if you know what I mean. And that's fine. But the thing that annoys me is the bits that have been added, namely here, here, and here, are all fake. They do diddly-squat. No Audi, No, not on. [BLANK_AUDIO] More about it, they're fake too. Inside it's worth mentioning that the new bucket seat offering is much better than before. You can even get Bang & Olufsen speakers in the headrests but elsewhere the interior is basically identical to the pre-face lift model. And plenty of people will claim that it's perhaps just A little bit dull, a bit safe. It looks a bit too much like a Audi TT. Something normal in the range rather than a supercar. And yes this is a supercar. It's over 200 miles an hour. It's not a sports car. That engine means it's definitely a supercar in my eyes. So some people tend to think of the R8 as a bit A bit boring but somebody said to me the other day. The R8, of all supercars that's the one I feel like I could actually manage that, I feel like I could potentially drive it and it makes a lot of sense. If you're not used to supercars, if you're not buying all the latest ones, you're dipping your toe in the water. This makes fantastic introduction to supercars. Why? Because while you've got all the theater from that magnificent engine, but to drive, it is relatively simple feeling you've got a lot of grip. Yes, it still feels a bit A bit hefty possibly, but there's a definite security. Pushing to a corner, and you lean on the front end. You don't get the friction of perhaps a McLaren, or certainly a Ferrari. This gear box really couldn't be easier to use, although these paddles. Audi, please do something about the paddles They are not worthy of a car costing 140,000 pounds. And connected to that wonderful engine. I'm gonna keep mentioning the engine. [SOUND] But don't for a minute think that because I'm suggesting this would make a great, my first supercar It is not rewarding and incredibly quick, if grabbed by the scruff of the neck and driven hard. The way it fires between corners is almost alarming in it's ferocity, and no track, an R8 feels like a crazy mid-engine WRC, On sliding. It's just that if you're gonna pick a first marathon, you pick Amsterdam or Berlin, you don't go and do one in the Himalayas. It's still a marathon, just a little gentler, easier Easier to get into. It feels every bit of it, naught-60 time of 3.1 seconds. And if you use all of that performance, it will open your eyes very, very wide indeed. And then there's the fact that this is a super car that you really wouldn't mind using every day, even at a push in Vegas yellow. You see the R8 and you don't dread having to drive it. And they sort of fashion, you don't think that's going to hurt my back, or I don't really want to turn off there. It's usable. Again, it makes that noise. You've got various modes which you can set by this drive select button, from comfort, auto, dynamic, and individual. But the easiest way to turn it up to maximum attack is to check this little check and flow button down here. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Audi might not have changed a great deal with this face lifted second generation R8, and in many ways there was no need to. And we should celebrate it because whilst I No doubt there will be another R8 and it will remain the usable supercar. I don't think it will remain the usable supercar with a naturally aspirated V10. Inevitable, but a shame. All the more reason then to enjoy this one while it lasts. [MUSIC]

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