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Top 5 reasons why Netflix should be scared video – CNET

[MUSIC] These are the top five reasons Netflix should be scared. Netflix is the reigning defending streaming champion for many years now. However, the landscape is changing with increase competition and new tech popping up. He's why Netflix should be a tiny bit freaking out. At number 5 subs are slowing down. In its latest quarterly earnings report. Netflix said it added 9.6 million subscribers, which beat expectations .That's awesome. Less awesome is that Netflix expects to add only 5 million next quarter. Experts wanted that figure to be over 6 million. When Netflix announced this numbers the stock fell for a while before gradually recovering. That's not the best sign. [MUSIC] Number four, great originals Elsewhere. At one point Netflix was rivaling HBO for its quality originals. Hulu and Amazon Prime where pretty much a joke. That's changed a lot over the past year or two. Amazon has a certified hit in The Marvelous Mr. Maisel. The show was so good I kept forgetting it wan on Amazon Prime; I thought it was on Netflix. Bosch had an average Rotten Tomatoes score of 95% fresh. Hulu has The Handmaid's Tale which earned plenty of awards. Both services and others are throwing lots and lots of money at originals. And that's should have Netflix slightly worried. At number 3, competitors offering Live TV, right now nothing on Netflix is aired live and had a very interesting contact model with dumping whole seasons of TV at one time for binge-watching. But what about other shows from traditional networks and sports? You got YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu and Sling all offering live television Along with the ability to watch shows on demand with a login. Netflix can't do that. [MUSIC] Coming in at number two, an ever-changing catalog. Remember when Bob's Burgers, Futurama, Family Guy, and King of the Hill were All on Netflix, guess what? They all ended up at Hulu. Back in February of 2018. A flexible report said that Netflix had added tons of TV since 2010. That sounds like good news until you realize Hulu locked up all of those shows we mentioned in November of 2018. Hulu also picked up always sunny and The X Files In the same month. Back to that flexible report. It also mentioned how Netflix lost a lot of movies between 2010 and early 2018. Netflix is pouring money into originals, but losing older titles can be a problem. We are now at the number one reason that Netflix should be scared, say it with me, Sony Crackle, nah, it's Disney Plus. This service is not even out yet, but we know plenty. First up, you've got a very reasonable intro price of around 7 bucks per month or around 70 bucks annually. That's cheaper than Netflix. Then there's the catalog. Disney+ will pull from Disney, Pixar, Lucas Film, Marvel and 20th Century Fox. That's Insane. Plus, Disney is unlikely to lose any of those shows and movies to other streaming services. Beware the mouse. [MUSIC] Are you going to stick with Netflix? Let us know. I'm Iyaz Akhtar and I'll see you online. [MUSIC]

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