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Top 5 unanswered questions about Apple TV Plus video – CNET

[MUSIC] These are the top five unanswered questions about Apple TV+. It's been some time since Apple rolled out tons of TV personalities and filmmakers. The whole event lasted two hours, and there are still lots of unanswered questions about Apple's new video service. Let's get to it. At number five, will the experience be the same on all devices? Apple TV+ will live in the Apple TV app. The company said it will build TV apps for Roku and the Amazon Fire TV. But will the app work the same on all platforms? You could see Apple making the tv app for TV OS a little better, that it's Roku of Fire counterparts. Also, Apple made no mention of a tv app for Android. Apple music zone Android, maybe the tv app is headed over too. At number four, will there be programming by third parties? We saw glimpses of Apple's Originals that will be on Apple TV+, but what else is going to be on the service? It seems like Apple would need to have a bigger catalogue than just it's own originals Originals. Apple used to have a pretty good relationship with Disney, however, Disney is lining up its own streaming service and has a lock on tons of shows and movies. Maybe Apple can sweet-talk AT&T to get some Warner stuff. Number three what exactly is apple tv plus launching, apple said it's coming this fall a google search says the fall runs from september 23 up to december 21 that's a pretty big range also will all the tv apps be ready at that time will hit the apple tv first knows, coming in number to the show schedule. We saw snippets of Apple shows, but we don't know how Apple will roll out those shows. Will all episodes arrive at once or weekly? Which shows will launch with the service? Which shows won't? And [UNKNOWN] aside, will any of these shows be any good? Yes, Apple's picked up tons of talent, but duds can happen. [MUSIC] And the number one unanswered question is What's it gonna cost? Apple says Apple TV Plus will be an ad-free subscription service, it just never bothered to mention pricing. Will there be any deals if you also pay for Apple Music or Apple News Plus or iCloud things? Will you get a better deal if you use an Apple TV instead of a Roku? Maybe we'll get answers soon maybe not. That does it for us, do you plan on getting Apple's new TV service? How many streaming services are you willing to pay for? Let us know. I am Iyas Akhtar and I'll see you online.

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