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Top three antivirus software built for privacy – ITProPortal

Every internet user uses multiple devices on a daily basis living a digital connected lifestyle. As a consequence, there is literally tons of data going through your computer for each individual user, including sensitive personal, financial and health data. 

With the increase in malware threats, including particularly lethal ransomware, users would be wise to step up their game, and take their antivirus protection to the next level. However, this is a crowded market segment, making the choice of antivirus software a challenge.

We’re here to help, with some great choices for an antivirus program below. This type of software is typically sold as an annual subscription as the software and virus signatures need to be kept up to date.

Best antivirus: the top 10 you can get today

Image Source: Bitdefender

(Image: © Bitdefender)

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019[1]

Well rounded everyday protection

Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered: 3 | Stand out features: Ransomware protection and remediation, privacy tools, optional VPN, Safepay

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