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Twitter will let people report tweets that aim to mislead voters – CNET

Twitter wants to do what it can to protect voting. As such, the social network on Wednesday launched a new reporting feature that lets people flag tweets that aim to mislead voters.

Twitter said content that's meant to manipulate or interfere in elections violates its rules. This includes misleading information about how to vote or register to vote; misleading information about requirements to vote; and misleading information about the official date and time of an election.

For now, the reporting feature is only launching in India and the European Union. Twitter said it'll roll out to other elections globally throughout the year. It's available in Twitter's mobile app and on desktop. 

When asked whether it'll be available in the US, a Twitter spokesperson said: "We're exploring this for critical elections outside the United States, and we'll provide an update on 2020 if and when we have one."

Twitter says this reporting feature comes on top of its existing efforts to promote healthy conversation on the platform. On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey met with President Donald Trump to discuss ways to protect public conversation on the social network ahead of the 2020 US elections. 

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