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Where to buy the cheapest Easter eggs for 2019 – including Asda and Tesco – Mirror Online

As much as we love celebrating Easter[1] with the whole family, there's no point bankrupting ourselves for the occasion.

To to help you have the best time - without putting too much of a strain on your bank account, coupon site VoucherCloud[2] has curated a list of the very best value for money Easter eggs.

Including 99p offerings from all the major supermarkets such as Tesco[3] and Asda[4] as well as famous multi-buy offers, we've got the full list below.

However the key finding of the money-saving brand's extensive research is that in general, the best value eggs are the classic £1 'medium' ones.[5]

This Mars egg or its KitKat chunky alternative have both been crowned the cheapest Easter egg

A popular choice with a huge variety of both Cadbury[6] and Nestle[7] brands, medium £1 Easter eggs cost between 71p and 82p per 100g, meaning your best bet for the cheapest Easter egg this 2019 is to head to Asda[8] and pick up a Mars Medium Milk Chocolate[9] or KitKat Chunky Easter Egg for a quid.

In fact it seems that Easter eggs actually become worse value for money as you buy the bigger sizes, even if you take the typical three for £10 deal on ‘large’ Easter Eggs seen across stores into account.

Where to buy the cheapest Easter eggs for 2019 - including Asda and Tesco - Mirror Online
Even a three for £10 deal can't make large eggs a bargain

Normally priced at £4 each,[10] a price per 100g of £1.22 - £3.33 shows a stark contrast in value for money (which decreases even further if bought at their typical £4 price tag).

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