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Which businesses will give discounts to retirees and beneficiaries of AUH – Invest Tribune

The government launched within the package of measures announced on Wednesday discounts of up to 25% for purchases with debit card. The benefits are for pensioners, pensioners, non-contributory pensions (PNC) for old age, mothers of 7 children and disability, universal allowance for child and pregnancy, family allowances, scholarships to progress, universal pension for the elderly (PUAM) and Unemployment, among other benefits.

The “Benefits ANSeS” program is a network of discounts on purchases made with a debit card from the Social Security Salary Account in which the institution deposits the assets, in a broad category of items and businesses.

The discount will be made under two modalities: in the line of cashiers or by means of the refund in the bank account.

The program includes shops of various items, such as clothing, pharmacies, appliances, supermarkets, lighting, appliances, corralones of materials for construction and travel and tourism.

In addition, discounts are included in first-line medications for holders of the Universal Assignment.

How to access the discount
The discount in the line of boxes is granted in purchases made with debit cards of the Social Security Salary Account at the time and on the final price, it is not capped and the days and products in which it is applied depend on the agreement with every trade

On the other hand, there will be a refund of 10% in the bank account that is made within seven business days for purchases made on Monday at the merchants attached, with a refund cap of $ 1,000 per transaction.

Refunds for purchases prior to May 5 will be credited to your account as of May 13. If the purchase is made after May 5, the refund will be within 7 business days.

Among the adhered premises there are 29 stores totaling 2,543 branches, with presence in all the provinces. Each one has a different discount modality.

Some of the supermarkets currently participating in the program are Carrefour, La Anónima, Coto and DÍA. In the Anses they say that soon Disco, Vea, Jumbo, Toledo and chains of the interior would be added.

Among the appliance chains are the largest: Frávega, Garbarino, Musimundo and Ribeiro.

There are also discounts at sports houses such as Adidas, Dexter, Sportline, Nike, Moov and Stock Center.

There are also discounts in computer firms, pharmacy (such as Farmacity) and in mattresses.

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