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Facebook makes News Feed ‘more personal’ with ranking algorithm changes – CNET

Facebook has updated its prediction algorithm.


Facebook has added data from surveys to better predict what pages users want up top of their News Feed.

Posts from family and friends, and news articles or videos from pages followed, will now be ranked at the very top of the page.

Facebook said the changes focus on quality of user experience over quantity of time spent on the social network.

Surveys were used in the algorithm change, with users asked to rank the friends they are closest to, Facebook said in a blog post.

The survey data is being used in addition to Facebook's oversight of people's likes, comments, and shares, as well as how often they interact with friends, who they have marked as close friends, and how many mutual friends two users have.

Facebook's prediction algorithm also looks at friends who are tagged in the same photos, friends who react to or comment on the same posts, and friends who check in at the same places.

The prediction model will continuously update, Facebook said, to keep up with any changes to favorite people or pages.