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Game of Thrones season finale: Twitter reacts to *that* death – CNET


Did we see that coming. Kinda, but damn. Game of Thrones is in full flight and -- to this point -- it's all happening.

Spoilers incoming.

Yep. Dany just got it from Jon Snow in one of the grimmest murder-kisses in TV history.

She will always be my Queen then URGH. A knife in the guts.

That was bad enough, but the worst part -- 100% -- was Drogon's mourning period. Which involved a lot of fire and a complete melting of the Iron Throne.

We're almost done. And there could be worse to come, but that was definitely something.

Oh, and if you're frustrated with the show, or just flat out need something to fill the Game of Thrones sized hole in your life, here's 11 shows that might help numb the pain.

Farewell Game of Thrones, it's been an amazing (confusing, anger-inducing) eight years.

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