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Gift ideas to make Mom’s life easier video – CNET

[MUSIC] Regardless of how tech savvy your mom is, she'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and ease of use of these gadgets. Moms are multitaskers so she's got to have some comfortable wireless ear buds for talking or listening to podcasts with her hands free. You can find them at a range of price points from the $50 Blitz Wolf to Samsung's $130 Galaxy Buds. To Apple's AirPods which start at 147 bucks. Since moms are master jugglers, they need their gadgets to be efficient. The Google Home Hub provides great digital assistant services, while offering useful information on its screen like recipes, calendar appointments and even photographs. It starts around $150, As amazing as mom's are, they sometimes misplace things. That's why giving her Tile Bluetooth trackers will be a lifesaver. Stick them on the phone, keys, tablet and easily activate from an app to find what you've misplaced. They start around $40 on Amazon. In San Francisco, I'm Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS news. [MUSIC]

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