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How to get a cinema ticket and two packs of sweets for £2.50 – MoneySavingExpert

Sweet Sundays is back. It’s an annual promotion which gets you a free cinema ticket to use on a Sunday when you purchase promotional packs of sweets.

What’s even better is it’ll work on big new releases such as Aladdin and the upcoming Toy Story 4 and new The Lion King remake.

How does it work?

On special packs of sweets and chocolate from Mars brands, you can find the Sweet Sundays promotion. On each pack you’ll either get two or five stars (dependent on pack size). Once you have collected 10 stars, you can exchange them for a free cinema ticket on Sundays. For cinema trips midweek, see our £1 Meerkat Movies trick.

Here are the sweets to look out for:

  • Maltesers - 93g standard pouch, 189g sharing pouch
  • Galaxy Minstrels - 118g standard pouch, 240g sharing pouch
  • Galaxy Counters - 112g standard pouch
  • M&M'S Peanut - 125g standard pouch, 268g sharing pouch
  • M&M'S Choco - 125g standard pouch, 250g sharing pouch
  • M&M'S Crispy - 107g standard pouch, 246g sharing pouch
  • M&M'S Mix - 125g standard pouch
  • Milky Way Magic Stars - 91g standard pouch
  • Revels - 101g standard pouch, 205g sharing pouch
  • Maltesers Buttons - 93g standard pouch, 189g sharing pouch
  • Skittles Fruits - 152g sharing pouch, 196g sharing pouch
  • Skittles Sours - 152g sharing pouch, 196g sharing pouch
  • Skittles Chewies - 152g sharing pouch, 196g sharing pouch
  • Starburst Mini - 152g sharing pouch, 196g sharing pouch
  • Starburst Original - 165g sharing pouch, 210g sharing pouch

You can collect them in any way you’d like to get to 10, however, the cheapest way I found is by buying two of the bigger pouches of Starburst (210g). These will get you five stars each, and at Tesco they are priced at £1.24 a pack, which gives you your free cinema ticket for a £2.48 spend (and you’ll have sweets to take to the cinema with you – if you want to).

We've seen these sweets on sale for £1 each in the past, making it only £2 to claim your free cinema ticket, so keep an eye on the prices, in case they go down!

Once you’ve collected your sweet packets, enter the codes onto the Sweet Sundays website, and you’ll be emailed a code to claim your free ticket.

It’s only valid in select cinemas, the big chains being Cineworld, Showcase and Empire. Smaller cinema participating include Reel, WTW, The Grosvenor, Savoy cinemas, Scott cinemas, Merlin cinemas, Movie House cinemas, Picture House and IMAX Playhouse.

The promotion ends on Sun 25 Aug, which means you have plenty of time to claim and use your tickets. You can only use the free cinema tickets on a Sunday and cannot combine them with any other offer. You can claim up to two free cinema tickets per person.

No matter what film you spend your free ticket on, you’re sure to save a bit of cash and can enjoy tucking into some sweets too!

Will you be diving into Sweet Sundays? I’d love to know in the comments below, on Twitter @MSE_Deals or on Facebook.

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