LOST GOLD OF WWII – The History Channel – Radiox – May 2019 V2 – Radio X

History is alive, with your favourite TV shows unpacking the most fascinating and significant events of all time. Now HISTORY is out to solve one of the last great mysteries of World War II…

Legend has it that the Japanese General Yamashita, pursued by Allied forces, buried gold, jewellery and priceless artefacts worth hundreds of billions of dollars deep in the Philippine jungle. His men built a network of underground tunnels to protect the treasure before Yamashita blew up the entrances, trapping the soldiers along with his secret.

Now a team of experts is on the hunt for the truth and unimaginable wealth. Follow them as they navigate the treacherous tunnels filled with explosives and booby-traps and take on the ultimate treasure hunt.

Tune in to ‘Lost Gold of WWII’ on HISTORY, Monday nights at 9pm from 13th May.


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