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The $20 Wyze Sense security bundle is a no-brainer addition to your Wyze Cam – CNET

The Wyze Sense Starter Kit adds three sensors to your Wyze Cam -- all for just $20.


Last month I told you about the Wyze Sense, a new add-on kit for owners of the Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan security cameras. It's now shipping, and it's arguably the best $20 you can spend on home security -- after the $20 you spent on the Wyze Cam, that is.

All me to recap. The Sense consists of four components: the bridge (which plugs into the back of the camera), two contact sensors and one motion sensor.

The contact sensors work with things like doors and windows -- basically anything that can be opened or closed. When either activity occurs, the sensor will trigger the Wyze Cam to start recording, or just send an alert to your phone. The motion sensor can do likewise.

What's more, if a door or window is left open for a specific length of time, the sensor can notify you of that as well.

The bridge, which can manage up to 100 sensors, is powered by the Wyze Cam. The sensors run on replaceable button-cell batteries, each good for about 12 months, according to Wyze.

Once you have the $20 Starter Kit, you can expand the system with additional contact sensors ($20 per 4-pack) and motion sensors ($6 each). All this amounts to an incredibly inexpensive way to create a basic home-security setup.

Based on some quick informal testing, I can tell you the sensors work exactly as advertised. When my front door is opened or closed, I'm instantly notified on my phone. Same thing when there's motion in a room -- even a room where there's no camera.

There's just one problem, and it's something easily fixed by an app update: No scheduling. For example, I don't want certain contact sensors triggered during evening hours when I'm home, but I do want them during the day, when I'm away. Right now, it's all or nothing.

That gripe aside, the Wyze Sense represents an amazing value in home security. With a buy-in as low as $40, you can set up a capable live-streaming camera and three sensors. Nothing else comes anywhere close.

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Looking for the Wyze Cam Pan? It's currently $36 shipped at Amazon:

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The $20 Wyze Sense security bundle is a no-brainer addition to your Wyze Cam     - CNET


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