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The best Apple HomeKit-compatible devices

Instead of “Alexa/OK, Google, turn on the light,” with Apple HomeKit you can say “Hey, Siri, turn on the light.” All you have to do is set up your compatible device in the Home app on your iOS device, and then you can do things like lock the doors or adjust the thermostat using your iPhone or iPad.

At first, you could control your smart devices with your phone only while you were at home; you needed an Apple TV to control your devices remotely. Apple now provides more options in terms of creating a HomeKit Hub. You can use a HomePod, an Apple TV 4K, Apple TV (4th generation), Apple TV (3rd generation), or even an iPad. Many HomeKit devices are also compatible with Amazon speakers and Google Home devices, so you can use voice control with a variety of speakers.

Although HomeKit doesn’t support as many devices as some of the other smart home systems, there are a lot of excellent HomeKit-compatible products. Below is a list of some of the best HomeKit-compatible devices. We should note that this isn’t a complete list, as several companies have announced products with HomeKit integration that are not on the market quite yet. We’ll update this list as more become available.


August Smart Lock Pro + Connect makes it possible for you to do things like track who is coming and going, give access to specific people, or lock and unlock your door remotely. Plus, it attaches to your existing deadbolt, so you don’t have to get a new set of house keys. In addition to being compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, it’s compatible with Apple HomeKit too. Still not sure? You can check out our full review of August Smart Lock Pro + Connect here.

Don’t want to have to worry about a house key? Yale Assure Lock uses a touchscreen keypad. If you upgrade your Yale Assure Lock (models YRD246 or YRD256) with a Yale iM1 Network Module, it’ll be compatible with Apple HomeKit. The module typically costs somewhere in the $50 range, and it’ll let you control the lock with voice commands and more. Read more info about the Yale Assure SL lock in our full review (here).

The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is another great option. It has both a keypad and keyhole, plus you can use your smartphone as your key. It comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes, and it’s compatible with Apple HomeKit and most other home automation systems.


The best Apple HomeKit-compatible devices

The Apple HomeKit system is compatible with the Philips Hue Bridge, so you can just say “Hey Siri…” to control your line of Philips Hue lighting products like lightstrips and bulbs. You can adjust dimming, change colors in certain rooms, sync your lights, set scenes, and more. The Philips Hue Starter Kit is a great way to get started with smart lighting.

LIFX A19 LED Bulbs are another great HomeKit-compatible option. Delivering 1,100 lumens, they’re about as bright as a 75-watt incandescent bulb. But, they’re energy efficient at only 11-watts, and they have a 22-year lifespan. With 16 million color options and no hub required, LIFX A19s offer a lot in a compact-sized bulb.

If you want something a little bit different, Nanoleaf’s Light Panels are triangular smart light panels you can shape in whatever design you like. Connect them to Apple HomeKit to activate different scenes. There’s even a rhythm add on, so your panels and music will work in sync.

Switches and Outlets

The best Apple HomeKit-compatible devices

“Hey Siri, dim the bedroom light.” Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer lets you voice-control your lights, set your lights on a schedule, and optimize your lights based on the bulbs you’re using and prevent flickering. With Apple HomeKit, you can tell Siri to turn the lights off for bedtime, or you can have her set the lights to bright in the morning.

Sometimes smart light switches aren’t all that attractive because they look more like devices that belong in a hospital than regular wall switches that belong in a home. The Eve Wall Switch is a bit more attractive. The Eve Light Switch is also easy to set up, as it connects using Bluetooth. You can automate your lights with timers or rules, or you can voice control your lights or set scenes using Siri.

Another option is to go with a smart wall outlet, which lets you control devices you plug in (think lamps, holiday lights, or even appliances). The Wemo Mini Smart Plug lets you control a plugged-in device with your voice or phone when you connect it to Apple HomeKit. Eve Energy – Smart Plug & Power Meter also lets you control your plugged in device with your phone or voice through Apple HomeKit. But in addition to being a smart plug, it’s also a meter that tracks how much power your device is using, so you can conserve more energy and save on electricity costs.


The best Apple HomeKit-compatible devices

Although the Ecobee 4 Smart WiFi Thermostat comes with Alexa built-in, it is also Google Home and Apple HomeKit-compatible. It comes with a room sensor to manage hot and cold spots in your home, and can also use scheduling or geofencing to manage your home’s heating and cooling. We conducted a full review of the Ecobee 4 if you want to learn more about it (here). If you want something a bit more affordable, the Ecobee 3 Lite still has a lot to offer, works with HomeKit and other smart home systems, but it doesn’t have Alexa built into the thermostat.

Honeywell’s Lyric T5 thermostat is HomeKit-compatible as well, and it’s a very cost-effective option. It has features like geofencing, scheduling, and smart alerts. Adaptive auto-recovery makes it so the thermostat knows how long it takes to heat or cool your home to your desired temperature at specific times, and the thermostat can also auto-change from heat to cool. Check out our full review of the Lyric T5 (here).

Cameras and security devices

The best Apple HomeKit-compatible devices Daven Mathies/Digital Trends

Logitech’s Circle 2 is a smart choice if you’re looking for a security camera you can use indoors and outdoors. It’s weatherproof, easy to set up, and it comes with some pretty decent free features, like 24-hour cloud storage and smart alerts with snapshots. Some of the more advanced features, like person detection and motion zones, require a paid subscription (after a 10-day free trial). Check out our full review of Logitech’2 Circle 2 (here).

The D-Link Omna 180 Cam is another good option (full review here). We like the fact that it has a built-in 128GB-capacity Micro SD card slot, so you can record video clips based on motion triggers. It also kind of looks like a droid. Keep in mind, if you want to stream a HomeKit-enabled camera remotely, you need a HomePod, an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV (4th generation).

Apple HomeKit supports other security devices outside of just cameras. Sensors like Koogeek Wireless Door/Window Sensors can add extra home security, while also making it possible for you to to do things like have the lights turn on when your door opens.

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