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The best keyboard for iMac

A great iMac deserves a great keyboard. Whether you prefer a trusty mechanical model, an ultra-slim invention, or all the customizable options you can find, we have the top iMac-friendly keyboards for you to choose from.

The standard Apple Magic Keyboard will do you just fine, especially since it comes bundled with the iMac. However, the alternatives below offer some compelling offers as well, especially if you’re in need of an affordable replacement or a higher-end model with mechanical switches.

Logitech K750 wireless solar keyboard

The strip at the top of Logitech’s advanced keyboard will help you keep the battery charged. Basically, if you work by an open window or in a similar situation, you shouldn’t have to worry about charging the battery at all (otherwise, a full charge lasts about three months). The panel at the top right will show you how the solar charge process is going, too.

But solar power aside, this is a great, ultra-thin keyboard with Logitech’s concave key design. In addition to the numeric keypad, there is also a hotkey for automatically launching MacOS’s LaunchPad for fast commands.

Das Keyboard 4

The best keyboard for iMac

This highly durable, top-tier Das mechanical keyboard will satisfy all your click-clacky needs while still offering excellent performance and long-lasting, coat-protected keys. There are also great extra connections, including a two-port USB 3.0 hub for transferring files quickly.

Das offers dedicated MacOS keys for specific functions, and a lavish media control dial in the top corner for mastering your music. You can even remove the footbar and use it as a ruler (if you’re into that). There’s also a version with entirely blank keys, but that’s really only good for showing off.

Vinpok Taptek

The best keyboard for iMacRiley Young/Digital Trends

The super thin Taptek is a great, compact MacOS keyboard born from a successful crowdfunding project and currently available for preorder on the Vinpok website. The 16mm keyboard is ideal if you want a keyboard to use with your iMac but also one that can easily travel with you for other tasks.

To help with this, it can sync with up to three devices without trouble, making the switch easier to manage. For those who like to show off a little, the keyboard also offers 19 different RGB backlight modes.

Satechi aluminum wireless keyboard

The best keyboard for iMac

Satechi’s design adheres closely to Apple aesthetics while adding its own twists: This particular model charges via USB-C port and can sync with up to four devices. That makes it particularly easy to switch between your phone, iPad, and iMac, using the keyboard to type on each as needed (with a Bluetooth connection that works up to 33 feet away).

If you look at the top of the keyboard, you’ll also notice several hot keys that you can program with various commands as necessary. There’s also a version available without the numeric keypad if you’re so inclined.

Macally wireless Bluetooth keyboard

The best keyboard for iMac

Macally’s wireless keyboard is a great alternative to Satechi’s if you want a slightly different design and more features. The keyboard can sync with up to 3 other devices for typing in different circumstances, and has 20 shortcut keys as well as additional preset keys.

These presets include 16 Apple specific commands, iTunes controls, and other useful abilities for working on the iMac. The battery, rated for around 3 months on a single charge, charges via USB cable, and charging takes around an hour. Like Apple, Macally uses scissors flexors for its thin keys, but you may find the Macally prices more reasonable.

Keychron K1

The best keyboard for iMac

If you’re looking for a bolder wireless mechanical keyboard, take a look at this Keychron model. It combines a slim base with larger keys to give you the best of both worlds if you love that mechanical feel when typing. The keyboard uses the Apple-based Mac layout, so if you are used to Apple keyboards everything should be familiar.

It also comes with a dedicated Siri button if you like giving Siri commands while working (this also functions with Cortana), while the screenshotters will also appreciate the dedicated screenshot button. The normal version uses basic LED backlighting for icons, but you can also choose an RGB version to play around with.

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