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Truma LevelCheck Gasinhaltsm

Level check detects the level your gas bottle.
The practical level check quickly and reliably shows thanks to the LED display, regardless of whether in the measuring range fluid and gas. The Impact Resistant Gauge is easily switched from the gas bottle attached to do so. The measurement is carried out Temperaturunabhänging by way of ultrasound.
LED display the capacity: Green/Gas Red/No Gas
Reliable Measurement using ultrasound
With integrated LED flashlight
For all steel and aluminium gas bottles of 200 - 350 mm diameter
Not suitable for fill tank gas bottles.
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  • Manufacturer's number:
  • 50500 '01
PRICE: 72.93
DIMENSIONS: 19.2 x 19.2 x 8.2 cm
BRAND: Truma
Truma LevelCheck Gasinhaltsm
Truma LevelCheck Gasinhaltsm