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What’s new with Google Wear OS? Tiles, that’s what video – CNET

[MUSIC] What's in store for Google's Wear OS smart watches? At this year's Google developer conference, Wear OS hasn't been in the spotlight, but it's here. While there have been 21 new watches across 7 Brands since last year. The only key update is tiles, a new quick glance tool that brings up mini apps at a swipe. It may look familiar. In fact, Samsung has something just like it on Galaxy Watch. There are only seven tiles for now, bringing up things like weather Fitness stats and headlines. Some tiles, like a stopwatch, can even work and do things. Tiles are a lot easier to access than apps and can be lined up in a row like favorites on your watch. Developers, though, can't make tiles yet, but it looks like that's going to be the next step. Could tiles eventually become more important than apps? It could lead to new watch designs. We'll see how the next year goes,and whether Google ends up ever making,its own pixel watch or not. [MUSIC]

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