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The big sale events come but once twice a year. We’ve got Black Friday in November, and the forthcoming Amazon Prime Day game deals in July. July 15-16 to be exact. So, this is the best time to think about getting your hands on essential PC upgrades this Prime Day, as many products are available at a discount and they won’t get this cheap again for a good six months. Now really is the time to give your gaming rig a bit of love… but what will make the biggest difference at the lowest cost?

It’s never, or at least rarely, the latest and greatest products that get the money knocked off, but the slightly older, tried and tested peripherals and components. Will you get big savings on the latest NVMe SSD? Maybe, but you’ll definitely be able to pick up a SATA SSD for big money-off, to help you replace that old HDD. If your GPU is old and tired, there’s a good chance you’ll save on a new RTX card or get an older, more powerful GTX card at a ridiculously low price. When it comes to essential PC upgrades on Prime Day, you don't always need to shop for the latest releases. If your PC hasn’t seen the sharp end of a screwdriver for a while, there’s nothing stopping you from opening it up and making some improvements this Prime Day. Those new games won’t play themselves at max settings! Here are the essential PC upgrades you can get cheaper on Prime Day.

1. A new, bigger SSD

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These always come up. If you’re still using platters of spinning rust to store your data, replacing your PC’s boot drive with one of these is the single best upgrade you can perform. If you’re already fully solid-state, then extra capacity never hurt anyone.

SSDs come in two common form factors, the 2.5in SATA drives that look like a thin hard drive, and the tiny M.2 drives that look like a stick of RAM that got lost on its way to your DIMM slots. M.2 drives can use SATA too, but the best drives use NVMe, which plugs directly into your PC’s PCI-E lanes for up to five times the bandwidth of the older connection format. SATA drives are cheaper, and still a huge upgrade over a spinner. We’ve seen SATA SSDs on Prime Day before, but this year look out for the Samsung 970 Pro NVMe drive - it’s been superseded by the Pro Plus range, making it ripe for discounts.

If it’s a SATA drive you need, Crucial’s MX500 range is always good value, and the 2TB model saw big discounts on last year’s Prime Day. That’s enough for anyone’s Steam library, and will cut load times drastically too.

2. A new graphics card

5 essential PC upgrades you can get cheaper on Prime Day - GamesRadar

(Image credit: MSI)

Second only to the SSD in the ‘bang for buck’ upgrade stakes, one of the best graphics cards can work wonders on a system that’s starting to show its age. Suddenly, games you thought were out of reach become extremely playable, at resolutions and framerates you thought you’d never see. The graphics card market is carved up between Nvidia, whose GeForce cards include the most powerful but also the most expensive, and AMD, playing the role of the plucky underdog. Last year’s Prime Day saw discounts on at least one model of GeForce GTX 1080Ti - the range topper at the time - but with the frightfully pricey 2000 series cards having displaced the 1000 series in the marketplace, we’re unlikely to see such largesse. Instead, and with rumours of a new Super range of cards to come this year swirling, look out for upper-mid-range cards such as the RTX 2070 Armor 8G from MSI, it’s already one of the cheapest, and comes bundled with a copy of Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

On the AMD side, the Navi architecture is beginning to edge out Vega, so look for bargains in cards such as the Vega 64 and 56. Gigabyte’s GV-RX VEGA64 GAMING OC-8GD has already seen a steep drop in price, for example.

If we’re really lucky, the range-topping Radeon VII might see some discounts. Sapphire’s card, is still riding high near its launch price six months after it became available, so we live in hopes.

3. A better gaming monitor (with G-sync)

5 essential PC upgrades you can get cheaper on Prime Day - GamesRadar

(Image credit: ASUS)

Adding one of the best gaming monitors to your PC set-up is always exciting. It’ll be bigger, faster and perhaps higher-resolution than your old one, and offers not only the chance to play games at a higher level of immersion, but also to make use of the extra outputs on your GPU for multi-monitor fun. 

We saw some good deals last year on ultrawide (particularly from LG) and 1080p screens, but very little in the way of 4K action. Could this be the year an eight-megapixel screen on your desktop becomes a reality? It’s not out of the question, with screens such as Asus’ VP28UQG 28-incher currently retailing for £90/$120 off RRP. The fast TN screens are always the cheapest, and serial discounter BenQ has its EL2870U 28in 4K TN panel on offer currently for £260/$348. We wouldn’t bet against that dropping more, just as the brand’s 27-in 1080p model did last year. Elsewhere, LG’s 29in ultrawide IPS screen is riding back up near its RRP possibly in preparation for a drop on Prime Day - it managed £50 off last year in the UK, while in the US it was even better, with a $125 discount.

4. A proper gaming mouse

5 essential PC upgrades you can get cheaper on Prime Day - GamesRadar

(Image credit: Razer)

The world of computer mice is a competitive one, with all the major PC peripheral manufacturers represented and convinced theirs is the greatest. This leads to a great deal of price cutting even when Amazon isn’t having its annual sale. 

Razer fans did well last year, with 40% knocked off mice such as the Lancehead Tournament Edition and the Deathadder Elite dropping by 33%. The latter is still not back up to its full RRP, and represents decent value as it is, but what happened one year can certainly be repeated the next.

If it’s Logitech you prefer, the Hyperion Fury was seen with a vast 64% discount in 2018, a remarkable bargain for a mouse with eight programmable buttons. If it’s a less-showy but more comfortable mouse you’re after, the MX Master comes in a special Amazon Edition that had more than a 50% discount last year. That’s got to be a good candidate for further reductions in 2019, but all Logitech mice are currently discounted slightly, which makes you wonder. These are our current picks of the best gaming mouse options.

5. The gaming headset you always wanted

5 essential PC upgrades you can get cheaper on Prime Day - GamesRadar

(Image credit: Razer)

Going from a pair of stereo earbuds to a full set of virtual surround cans is a revolution in PC gaming audio. The addition of a microphone arm to headsets is also fantastic for gamers, streamers and heavy Skype users. You can’t beat a good headset, especially if you want to be loud while the rest of the house wants to be quiet.

Our current favorite, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition, wasn’t available last year, but is a good candidate for a discount as we know Razer loves prime day. The older Razer Kraken Pro V2 is even more likely, now the TE and Razer Kraken X have come along to knock it off its pedestal. They’ve both got mild discounts on the site at present, and importantly are both available with clip-on cat ears.

Elsewhere, Corsair products are often seen in the Prime Day lists, and the funny looking Void Pro headset, which came out in 2017, is in just the right place in its lifecycle to pick up a decent discount. 

Keep an eye on Gamesradar+ for all the Amazon Prime Day game deals you need to know about, and make sure you’re paying attention - they don’t hang around for long.

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