Apple updates Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iOS and Mac – CNET

Apple has updated its iWork suite of apps.

Angela Lang/CNET

Apple has added a bunch of new features to its Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps in an update across both iOS and MacOS. One common addition for all six apps is the ability to stylize your text by adding images, gradients and new outline styles.

The three apps make up Apple's iWork productivity suite.

Some of the additions in Pages 5.1 for iPhone and iPad have new bullet styles, custom bullet points and indentation adjustment for lists; the ability to add words to the dictionary; copying and pasting sections between different documents; face detection; and new templates for novels. 

Numbers 5.1 for iPhone and iPad meanwhile adds chart editing tools, links to other sheets, better accuracy thanks to an enhanced 128-bit calculation engine, the inclusion of rows to filtered tables, a choice of using Apple Pencil for drawing or to select and scroll, face detection and more.

For iOS, Keynote 5.1 then includes updates like editing master slides while collaborating on a presentation, face detection and toggling between Apple Pencil options.

Apple updates Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iOS and Mac     - CNET

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The updates for MacOS -- Pages 8.1, Numbers 6.1 and Keynote 9.1 -- are a little less feature heavy, but include some of the above.

While its tablets currently use iOS, Apple is set to launch a new iPadOS, with the iPad operating system now open for public beta.

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