iRealm’s Smart Plug 2.0 with built-in touchpad makes its Kickstarter debut

This week, Nova Forma CEO Kevin Ahmad Kasmieh launched a Kickstarter for the iRealm Smart Plug 2.0, a smart plug that aims to provide the same level of local control as mobile control. According to the iRealm team, one of the main problems with existing smart plugs is their inability to be controlled without a smartphone. If you misplace your phone or the battery dies, the only way to deactivate plugged-in devices is to physically unplug it from the wall.

The iRealm Smart Plug 2.0 comes with a touchpad that doesn’t require an app. Even if your phone isn’t operational, you can still control the plug like normal. The iRealm also presents itself as an easy solution for introducing smart lighting into an older home. It allows for precise control of lights, including dimming, automatic night lights, timer scheduling, and emergency lighting.

The smart plug is said to work with Wi-Fi and smartphone apps, although neither is required. Installation should be easy, too. The iRealm Smart Plug 2.0 instructs users to simply plug it in and gain immediate control of their devices. Even the mobile app can be found and download by scanning a QR code including in the user manual.

The iRealm was designed with an eye for aesthetics. The base of the device is available in a variety of different materials, including wood, leather, and mirrored polished silver. It should fit in alongside other smart devices in the home like the Amazon Alexa. And on the subject of voice assistants, the iRealm is said to work with those too.

The iRealm is available in two different versions: The iRealm Dimmer Plug and the iRealm Smart Plug. The Smart Plug is the fully featured version while the Dimmer Plug seems more limited in its function; on the other hand, if all you need is a dimmer switch for an older lamp you can’t bear to part with, the iRealm Dimmer Plug may be what you’re looking for.

iRealm asks for a pledge of $18 for the Dimmer Plug and a pledge of $36 for the smart plug, which are set to retail for $30 and $60, respectively. The iRealm has not been released yet, but if it is capable of everything it claims, then it will set itself apart by solving an often-overlooked problem in the IoT world: Dead smartphones.

As always, take caution before pledging to any Kickstarter campaign. A pledge does not guarantee a product.

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