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Pardon me while I throw my crystal ball out the window. Because I thought I had this whole Prime Day thing figured out: Sales on Amazon gear must be over until Prime Day kicks off on July 15, right?

Nope. The 3rd-generation Amazon Echo Dot just went on sale for $24.99, which is 50% off the list price and the lowest it's been since Black Friday.

I don't get it. Where does this leave the Dot for Prime Day? Will Amazon merely drop it to $24.99 again, in which case, yawn? Or is it possible we'll get a $19.99 Dot? That would be nice, I guess, but then why run such a major sale right now, with just over two weeks until the big event?

Amazon works in mysterious ways, no question. In any case, the larger 2nd-generation Echo is on sale as well: $69.99. That's not the lowest price to date; it was $64.99 just a couple weeks ago.

So, yeah -- I have no idea. I'll just say that these are undeniably good deals on extremely good smart speakers.

Pre-Prime Day sale: The Echo Dot for $24.99     - CNET

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Pre-Prime Day sale: The Echo Dot for $24.99     - CNET


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