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Thee Oh Sees, Smote Reverser

Test track: Sentient Oona

Fifty years after the both the 13th Floor Elevators and the Beatles broke up, the psychedelic music they helped invent is still alive and well. The Oh Sees have released an album a year through most of the 2000s, and if you like your rock a bit weird and a bit heavy, Smote Reverser is an excellent place to start. 

Sentient Oona starts with a pair of natural-sounding drum kits in the left and right channels, and slowly builds to some guitar histrionics and Hammond B3 SKROOOONKs!!. The lead guitar at 1:33 is pretty bright, but if it makes you want to leave the room or throw off your headphones you might want to try and temper the midrange somehow. Try a rug or some smoother-sounding headphones.

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