Facebook photos not showing to millions, loading issues today

There’s a huge amount of problems at Facebook today with photos not showing, in fact all images are not loading that were uploaded before a certain time on July 3rd, 2019.

Around an hour ago, before 4pm UK time, pages and groups couldn’t upload images and photos, or if they could, they wouldn’t show after published. This is impacting all users and Facebook has confirmed the issues.

Facebook photos not loading today!

The above shows an example of what some people are seeing, especially those who manage pages, although even if you’re in a group you’ll notice photos you upload won’t show and will then cause problems for others looking at their news feed.

These issues are global and we’ve heard problems reported from New York to London, China to UK and USA. Let us know the problems you are seeing in the comments below, or on our Facebook outage and problem page.

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