How to watch Samsung launch an exciting new Galaxy tablet and Galaxy watch

Samsung is preparing for a busy week. A teaser video published on YouTube has revealed a new Galaxy Tab tablet and a new Galaxy Watch will launch over the next few days, ahead of the main event on August 7 — the launch of the Galaxy Note 10. The new Galaxy Tab tablet will launch today, July 31, and the Galaxy Watch will come on August 5. What’s more, Samsung will livestream the new Galaxy Tab’s unveiling at 10am EDT (that’s 3pm for those in the U.K.) on its Galaxy portal, and then do the same with the new Galaxy Watch at 10am EDT on August 5.

The short, 20-second video doesn’t give much away and shows only the outlines of the devices, along with brief glimpses of textures and design. The unnamed tablet will have several accessories, including a keyboard case and a stylus, which magnetically attaches to the body. The thin profile reminds us of the Galaxy Tab S5e, Samsung’s media-focused tablet, suggesting the teased model may be a productivity-focused sequel to the Galaxy Tab S4.

Samsung’s mystery watch is shown in the video as having a circular body, a heart rate sensor on the back, and a leather strap too. It’s almost certainly going to be the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which has been leaked several times already. While Samsung isn’t expected to alter the design greatly over the first Watch Active, the leather strap indicates it wants the watch to be worn outside the gym too. A 4G LTE version of the Watch Active 2 is also expected, to go along with a standard Wi-Fi model.

To announce the Watch Active 2 and a new Tablet during the week before the Galaxy Note 10’s announcement, shows how much ground Samsung needs to cover during the August 7 phone launch event, due to be held in New York. The leaks and rumors regarding the Note 10 show just how feature-packed it’s likely to be, and Samsung will need to dedicate the show to talking about them in detail. It may also use the time to give an update on the Galaxy Fold, much like it did during the Galaxy S10 reveal earlier this year.

Get ready for a lot of new Samsung hardware. Watch the new Galaxy Tab tablet launch today, and the Galaxy Watch and the Note 10 next week. We will have all the details for you right here too.

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