New LG CineBeam short-throw 4K projector

Enjoy the luxury of your very own home cinema with the new LG CineBeam short-throw 4K Projector. It creates a fantastic imagine of up to 120 inches on your wall all in 4K UHD.

The Projector is short-throw meaning it does not have to be an extreme length away from the wall you’re projecting onto. Instead the discrete modern design of the projector means it can simply be placed on a coffee table, hung from the wall or even upright on your bedside cabinet as it projects on your ceiling.

Not only can the projector provide you with a fantastic high quality image but it also will last for a very long time. To be exact the projector has a 20,000 hour laser life, that means if you was to use the projector for 4 hours a day it would last you 14 years!

Another fantastic feature of this projector is that it has AI voice control, meaning you can search for all of your favourite content using voice commands or the LG magic remote, which is included with the projector.

New LG CineBeam short-throw 4K projector

For more information regarding the new LG CineBeam short-throw 4K projector and information on where to buy it, see LG’s Website.

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