Reflex Nutrition – L-Glutamine – 500g

Size:500g L-glutamine is an amino acid that aids protein synthesis (muscle growth) and helps to prevent muscle breakdown. It also aids immune system function and cell hydration and volume. Under normal conditions, the body makes sufficient L-glutamine but when the immune system is placed under stress in scenarios such as recovery from heavy exercise, L-glutamine becomes conditionally essential i.e. it requires intake from food or supplements. It can be found in the diet in sources such as dairy, fish, certain meats, wheat, and certain vegetables. Ingredients 100 per cent L-glutamine Read More ...

  • An amino acid that aids protein synthesis
  • Helps to prevent muscle breakdown
  • Micronised for easy mixing
  • Fermentation grade
  • Research-proven muscle focused supplement
RRP: 30.62
PRICE: 16.39
SAVE: 14.23
WEIGHT: 500 Grams
BRAND: Reflex Nutrition
Reflex Nutrition - L-Glutamine - 500g
Reflex Nutrition - L-Glutamine - 500g

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