The best camera straps for 2019


From neck straps to slings to dual-camera harnesses, a good camera strap adds both comfort and style. Use one on its own when traveling light, or pair it with one of the best camera bags for carrying more gear. Here are the best camera straps you can buy for your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Peak Design Slide

The best camera straps for 2019

Peak Design is known for its innovative collection of bags, camera clips, and one surprisingly exciting tripod, but the company has also made a name for itself in the world of camera straps. The aptly titled Slide strap features a unique — and proprietary — method of snap-on anchor points, which are capable of holding more than 200 pounds. Pair these with the optional mounting plate and its seatbelt-style shoulder strap, and you have yourself a strong, capable camera strap. Peak Design also offers lighter weight options in the event you’re using a smaller DSLR, mirrorless camera, or a traditional point-and-shoot. Peak Design is on its third iteration of the Slide, so if you don’t use the links provided, make sure you get the model with the version name SL-XX-3 (the XX in the name changes based on the color you pick up).

HoldFast MoneyMaker Camera Swagg

The best camera straps for 2019

Look, sometimes you just want to feel like an Old West gunslinger. HoldFast’s collection of MoneyMaker dual-camera straps are perfect for the working pro photographer who doesn’t have time to switch lenses and always has to be quick on the draw. This dual-sling setup supports two mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, allowing each to be freely raised to eye level at a moment’s notice. When not in use, let the cameras hang by your hips and free your hands to set up lights, direct your talent, or take a shot of whisky. While we picked the new canvas version here (available in blue, black, copper, or red), the MoneyMaker also comes in a variety of leathers, including a genuine python skin version and a white-leather “Storm Trooper” limited edition. And if two cameras aren’t enough, you can even order the MoneyMaker in a three-camera variant.

ONA Oslo

The best camera straps for 2019

Designed for advanced point-and-shoots, mirrorless cameras, and rangefinders, the Oslo is a minimal premium leather strap with classic ONA style. The brand is known for its very high-end leather and canvas camera bags, and the Oslo strap fits right in with the good-looking family. The padded leather provides a comfortable fit around your neck, while steel keyring clasps with leather scratch guards keep the Oslo secured to your camera. The length of the strap itself can be extended from 40 to 46 inches to help you find the right fit for your body and camera.

Blackrapid Breathe Curve

The best camera straps for 2019

BlackRapid is one of the most respected strap manufacturers on the market — and for good reason. The company’s straps are as functional as they come, but are by no means lacking in the aesthetics department, either. The Curve Breathe is an update to one of BlackRapid’s original straps, and improves upon its predecessors with a new mesh material that’s designed to improve airflow while still offering substantial padding and the same ease-of-use BlackRapid customers have come to love. Rather than putting the brunt of the camera weight on your neck, this strap puts the weight on your shoulder. This one is designed for mirrorless cameras, but there’s a similar Black Rapid Hybrid Breathe designed for heavier cameras that can accommodate two bodies for not too much more.

HoldFast Sightseer Sling Camera Strap

The best camera straps for 2019

Crafted in the United States and made of waxed canvas and bison-based leather, the Sightseer Sling Camera Strap is as homegrown as it gets. Rather than focusing on unnecessary features, HoldFast puts an emphasis on quality materials and construction. That said, the Sightseer has a good bit to offer with its sling-style camera access and optional accessory pouches, which allow you to stow a smartphone or camera lens directly on the shoulder strap. It’s not cheap, but it’s somewhat to be expected given the premium materials and hand-made construction.

Custom SLR Glide One

The best camera straps for 2019
Custom SLR

One of the most obvious — but often overlooked — features of a camera strap is its ability to provide quick access to your camera. After all, you never know when your next frame might need to be captured. Custom SLR has taken this — and more — into account when it designed the Glide One Camera Strap. The offering is similar in concept to the aforementioned Curve Breathe, in that it lets you slide your camera system along the shoulder strap without the need to move the strap itself off your shoulder. When you’re done shooting, simply slide the system back down the strap and allow it to rest safely at your side. Quick release buckles make it easy to swap out cameras, or remove an entire setup for complete control.

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