Wicked Outdoor Booma

Colour Name:Colours Vary (Red, Blue Or Yellow) Product description The Outdoor Booma is the world's best sports boomerang. It has a tri-blade design making it easy to throw and catch and is made of a specially tunable polymer.

Flight Range: 15-20m Manufacturer's Description Without a doubt - the Worlds Best Outdoor sports boomerang. Sanctioned by the Australian Boomerang World Cup Team - the Outdoor Magic features the famous patented tri-blade design that creates the most stable, easy to throw and catch boomerang in the world.This aerodynamic marvel seems to defy gravity as it returns with incredible pin-point accuracy to the thrower - guaranteed! Designed in Australia and made in the UK - the Outdoor Magic can be easily 'tuned' to adjust the flight characteristics. You wont believe your eyes!These are so good that even though they are made in the UK - they are exported back to OZ! Read More ...

  • Outdoor Polymer Boomerang
  • 15-20 metre flight
  • Full throwing instructions included
  • Guaranteed return flights when thrown as instructed
  • Can be 'tuned' for different flights
  • Colours may vary from those shown
  • No batteries required
RRP: 7.99
PRICE: 7.79
SAVE: 0.20
COLOUR: Name: Colours Vary (Red, Blue Or Yellow)
Wicked Outdoor Booma
Wicked Outdoor BoomaWicked Outdoor BoomaWicked Outdoor BoomaWicked Outdoor BoomaWicked Outdoor Booma

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