Apple Watch0S 6 Suggests New Models In Ceramic And Titanium Cases

It has been suggested from the new watch0S 6 that new watch models are soon to release in both ceramic and titanium cases. This means two new Apple Watches for users to choose from, with an alternative to the traditional ceramic material they can choose an all new titanium case.

Ceramic cases began in Series 2 edition watches and continued into series 3, however they were removed from the series 4 watches. The ceramic material is now seen to be making a come back with the new release along the new titanium material.

The images above reveals the start up animation of the Apple watch, which was found by IHelpBR. They have found the images, which imply the new designs for the Apple Watch. These images mimic the back design of the watch itself with the size, material and traditional designed by Apple in California.

Although the images imply new case material for the Apple Watch, we are still yet to know if the interior has any major updates. For more information on the new Apple Watch take a look at

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