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It’s nearly September, which means the run up to Christmas has (kind of) begun. This also means Black Friday isn’t too far away, and you can never be too prepared for such a huge sales extravaganza – so here’s the lowdown on the annual discount day.

Everything you need to know about Black Friday 2019 - Heat World

When is Black Friday 2019?

This year Black Friday will take place on Friday 29 November 2019.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is basically a day when you can get loads of good deals in the shops. For 24 hours, retailers drop their prices in the hopes that people will splash the cash as Christmas draws near.

It originated in America as an annual sale on the day before Thanksgiving, but in recent years the tradition has moved over the UK (yay).

Traditionally the day was mostly about getting discounts on tech gadgets and the like, but recently there have been big discounts on fashion, beauty, and even flights.

Now, Black Friday tends to last more than just one day, too - often you'll find deals and sales for a week, if not longer.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Nobody’s totally sure how Black Friday earned its name but it’s something to do with how retailers detail their finances.

Some say it’s because shops often ‘move into the black’, which means they have enough money to cover their costs.

Another theory is that it refers to the ‘black ink’ on the balance sheets from the big profits businesses rake in on Black Friday – as opposed to being in the red.

Be prepared

Many shops release info about their sales items BEFORE the day, so you can prepare before hand if you’re savvy.

Also, keep your eyes peeled all week rather than just focusing on Friday, sometimes you can get better deals during the week.

It's a good idea to sign up to newsletters now to find out about exclusive deals, and to get registered on your favourite sites to save time on the day. Plus, consider signing up for Amazon Prime to make sure you get next-day delivery on most things. Amazon always goes BIG on Black Friday so get ready for deals to be released almost every five minutes!

Everything you need to know about Black Friday 2019 - Heat WorldShoppers On Black Friday Earlier This Year In London – Nov 2015 [Rex]

What is Cyber Monday? And when is Cyber Monday 2019?

Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday – this year it is Monday 2nd December. And it's basically the UK's 24-hour online shopping bonanza.

Cyber Monday is exclusively online, so you can literally shop all the best deals while enjoying a nice breakfast in bed. Or on your lunch break at work. Or on your phone out and about.

Isn't the modern world wonderful?

Are you a Prime member?

Have you signed up for Amazon Prime yet? You can sign up today for a free 30-day trial and find out what all the fuss is about. You get free next-day delivery on thousands of items, plus so much more – Prime Video, Prime Reading, Amazon Family, and much more (find out more here).

Black Friday do's and don'ts

OK. So you wake up super early on Black Friday, drink a huge coffee and head out ready to take on the rest of the bargain hunters in an epic battle for the last half-price leather jacket or sofa or boombox. Whatever floats your boat.

Well, here's what you should and shouldn't do.

DO shop online

Why wait until Cyber Monday to bag an online bargain?

Some of the best deals are online from midnight on Thursday and you don't even have to get out of bed.

DO wear comfy shoes

If you do decide to brave the actual shops, wear trainers. HECK wear Uggs (you have permission this one day of the year), because you're going to be racing from shop to shop and no one wants to end the day with a nice array of blisters.

DO plan your day

Make a list of all the shops you want to go to, what you want to buy and what time each sale starts. You're going to want to be prepared because thousands of people running round a shopping centre or marching down the high street can be very disorientating. Stick to your plan, stay focused, win (spend) big.

DO set a budget

You really don't want any unexpected surprises when you check your bank balance on Tuesday morning.

DON'T buy things just cos it's Black Friday and it's super cheap

We've all been there and that multi-coloured-pom-pom-faux-fur coat at 60% off seems like a great idea at the time. But when it's sitting in your wardrobe (unworn) four years later, you'll regret dropping that £150. Trust us.

DON'T wake up too early

Unless you're knocking back espressos every 15 minutes (which we defo DO NOT recommend) you're going to lag by midday if you've already been up for eight hours stalking the sale rails for THAT dress.

DON'T get into a fight over an electrical appliance, pair of shoes or (sharp) homeware

We all remember the great ASDA battle of 2014. We do not want a repeat of that stampede. Things get ugly and no one wants to end up in A&E with a TV smashed over their head and stiletto wear the sun don't shine. Play nice people.

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