Garmin Fitness Watches Now Feature Amazon Music

After Garmin added Spotify to their fitness watches last year, they have now progressed to expand the music streaming services that they have available. Garmin Fitness watch users now have access to thousands of songs through the Amazon Music App.

Amazon Music is available on all of different Garmin fitness watch models, from high end prices to those more affordable. The Amazon music app will allow you to access all of your favourite songs and playlists through WIFI.

A bonus for those of you who have Amazon Music Unlimited is that you’ll be able to have access to a much larger amount of songs. This ranging to be more that 50 million, new and classic pieces of music.

This new feature is sure to be extremely popular with those who love listening to music while working out. Garmin fitness watches are now ahead of the likes of Fitbit, who still have no music features.

For more information regarding the new feature on Garmin Fitness Watches, head over to Engadget.

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