How much does Disney+ cost? What you’ll pay for the streaming video service

Disney’s on-demand video streaming service, called Disney+, hasn’t launched yet but we already know a lot about what it will include. We’ve got details on some of the content, the devices it will support, and even the level of streaming quality we can expect. But what about the price? Is Disney organizing the cost of a subscription as Netflix does, with three tiers, or are there different options? Rest assured, we’ve got the answers. Here’s how much Disney+ will cost.

The early bird special

First off, if you already know you’re going to be a Disney+ customer — and with a virtual monopoly on some of Disney’s most popular franchises like Marvel and Star Wars it’s a no-brainer for many — you need to act right now. For a very short time, you can effectively get a year’s worth of Disney+ for free if you agree to a three-year commitment. From now through Monday, September 2, the annual rate is available for $47 per year provided you lock-in for three years. That’s a 33% savings on the annual rate, or one year free, depending on how you look at it. Either way, it’s a great deal. Here’s exactly how you can take advantage of this offer.

All you can stream: $7 or $70

How much does Disney+ cost? What you’ll pay for the streaming video service

OK, now that we’ve dealt with the most pressing pricing issue, let’s cover the normal Disney+ pricing model. It’s incredibly simple: For $7 per month (or $70 per year), you get everything Disney+ has to offer. There are no other tiers of service and no other monthly prices. As with every other streaming service on the block, there’s no minimum commitment to get this price and you can cancel at any time. And while the Disney+ catalog isn’t as deep or as wide as that of Netflix or say Amazon Prime Video, Disney is making sure you’ll get a lot of great features to compensate as it grows its content choices.

Every account will be able to stream in up to 4K resolution, with HDR on the movies and shows that support these standards. Some of the titles that are in HDR will use Dolby Vision, which offers even better picture quality than HDR10, the base HDR format. Dolby Atmos is also expected to make an appearance, though titles that support this amazing surround-sound format will likely be limited to newer productions. You can run up to four simultaneous streams, which should help when the family can’t agree on what to watch. With up to seven user profiles per account, you won’t have any trouble keeping recommendations relevant for every family member, and it’s unlikely you’ll hear screaming over who raced ahead on the latest season of your chosen binge show.

Even more with Hulu

How much does Disney+ cost? What you’ll pay for the streaming video service

But wait, there’s more: Because Disney owns Hulu via its purchase of 21st Century Fox, you can add a Disney+ subscription to your Hulu account. The price remains the same, but you can simplify your streaming life by accessing both content catalogs within one user interface. Although it will be the Hulu experience that dictates things like user profiles, other aspects like resolution, HDR, etc., should be the same whether you bundle Disney+ with Hulu or subscribe to Disney+ on its own.

More still, with ESPN

How much does Disney+ cost? What you’ll pay for the streaming video service

Speaking of bundles, let’s not forget that Disney now owns a majority share of one of the biggest brands in sports broadcasting: ESPN. So the clever executives at Disney have decided that you need to be rewarded if you go all-in with a triple play of the company’s streaming services. If you sign up for Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, you can save $5 a month on the individual cost of these services. All three will run you just $13 per month.

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