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New LG Instaview fridges now make clear ice spheres.


A fridge that makes premium, clear ice like the kind you find in high-end cocktail bars. With LG's latest collection of Instaview fridges, the fantasy of having clear ice at home just become reality. According to LG, these new iceboxes can automatically make three, 2 inch diameter ice spheres in 24 hours. And each fridge has space to store up to 25 individual spheres at a time. 

Crystal clear, the balls of frozen water melt more slowly than ordinary fridge ice. That makes them a perfect for fancy Bourbon, Scotch, and elegant cocktails, since they won't dilute your drink as quickly as regular cubed ice. 

Clear ice from your fridge

Until now, the simplest way to make this premium ice at home was to splurge on an expensive ice machine. They're available from appliance companies such as True and Scotsman, and they'll set you back a cool $2,000, at least. Another method is to use a cheap, or not-so-cheap, mold. Rabbit sells them, as does Wintersmiths

For the ultimate in clear ice sophistication, expect to dole out even more. For example, the $6,299 FirstBuild Clear Ice System makes large 2.5-inch diameter ice spheres. It also churns them out fast, enough to produce 18 spheres in 24 hours. LG's fridges won't be able to match that.

An LG Instaview fridge with "craft ice" clear ice capabilities.


A gimmick or a value? 

Owning a fridge that make clear balls of cocktail ice won't come cheap. While you won't have to spring for a separate ice maker, LG's Instaview refrigerator line equipped with this "Craft Ice" feature starts at $3,999. That climbs to $4,199 if you opt for a black-stainless steel finish.

Clear ice spheres from the bin of an LG Instaview fridge.


We gave a French door-style LG Instaview fridge a positive review when we reviewed it back in 2016. Back then we thought paying extra for the Instaview function, a way to peek inside without opening the door, wasn't worth it. Clear ice on-demand sweetens the deal. We'll have to try it out in person to say for sure. 

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