Morrisons is cutting 5p a litre off fuel for a limited time, here’s how to claim the discount – iNews

Supermarket chain Morrisons has announced that it is cutting its fuel prices for customers for a limited period.

The retailer – one of the UK’s biggest fuel suppliers – is offering a 5p per litre reduction on both petrol and diesel at its forecourts between now and the start of September.

To qualify for the discount customers need to spend £40 or more in a single transaction, after which they will be given a voucher that they can redeem the next time they fill up.

Vouchers are being issued from now until Sunday, August 25 but will remain valid until Sunday, September 1.

The deal means a driver filling an average family car’s 55-litre fuel tank can save £2.75 per fill-up.


As is usual with such promotions there are conditions on how you can claim and use the discount voucher.

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The offer is valid on petrol, diesel and LPG. (Picture: Shutterstock)

For a start, you’ll only get a voucher for in-store grocery shopping. It’s not available on online purchases. It’s also not available to shoppers in the chain’s Gibraltar store.

You also have to make your in-store purchases before Sunday, August 25 and you’ll only get one voucher per transaction, no matter how much more than £40 you spend.

Certain products also don’t count towards the value of shopping, including fuel, tobacco, Lottery products, gift cards, infant/formula milk, cash-back, dry cleaning, fireworks, online Games and instant tickets, photo printing, saver stamps, postage stamps, mobile phone top-up cards, delivery charges, garden centre, cafe and pharmacy purchases.

Claiming the discount

The vouchers are valid for any single transaction buying petrol, diesel or LPG up to a maximum of 100 litres at a Morrisons-branded filling station (except Gibraltar). They are not valid at Texaco, BP or Esso forecourts with Morrisons concessions.

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You can only use one coupon per fill up and they are only valid for one vehicle, so you can’t try and fill two cars in the same transaction.

They also don’t work at pay-at-pump – you have to hand over the coupon at the kiosk.

The offer comes after a jump in petrol prices in July undid much of the savings brought about by a price drop in June.

According to RAC Fuel Watch, the average price of a litre of unleaded currently stands at 128.74p, with diesel at 131.88p.

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