New Galaxy & Maltesers Truffles At Tesco

Tesco have just launched these delicious Galaxy milk chocolate truffles and soon to release Maltesers white chocolate truffles. Both boxes look absolutely delicious and would make the perfect treat for yourself and all the family if you’re willing to share.

We had to get our hands on the New Galaxy truffles at our local Tesco store. With hundreds of likes on the popular Facebook page Money Saver online, the galaxy truffles seem to be extremely popular.

When we heard about the release of white chocolate Maltesers truffles we knew white chocolate fans would go crazy for the new chocolates. They have received 16,000 comments within an hour on the same Facebook page, which reveals them to be even more popular than the delicious Galaxy truffles. So we can imagine that these new Maltesers truffles will fly off the shelves fast!

The white chocolate Maltesers truffles are set to release in-store at Tesco next month. However if you cannot wait for the new truffles, then you can enjoy the Galaxy milk chocolate truffles both in-store and online at Tesco.

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