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Bag second-hand uniform for free or under £5

Another way to save on school uniform is to get it second-hand. After all, a few sloppily eaten lunches and overzealous art sessions, and that brand new school uniform isn't going to look immaculate for long.

eBay and charity shops

If you have older children, then hand-me-downs are easy, but if not, you can check out eBay or visit local charity shops (find your nearest) close to your child’s school. We heard that one primary school in South London donates all unclaimed lost property to local charity shops at the end of each term – we’re not sure how common a tactic this is, but we like it.


The online social platform is buzzing with offers of used school items, both in individual groups such as Second Hand, Nearly New School Uniform For Sale or Free, and in its Marketplace. It could be worth checking Facebook to see if your school has a dedicated group or page of its own.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to filter by distance, price and latest posting. On Thu 16 Aug, we found some logo sweatshirts, an official tie, generic trousers and more for free, as well as hundreds of other items for about £2-£5. Beware though, many posts are listed as 'free' but turn out to be a job lot of different items, all with a price attached.


Sign up for a free Freecycle account and you can search for uniform being given away for free, or you can add a ‘wanted’ post. In the past we've seen a school-specific blazer, skirt and shirts offered in Bolton, a boy’s uniform bundle in Hackney and a college-specific bundle in Cardiff.

Parent Teacher Association

It's common for a school’s Parent Teacher Association to hold second-hand clothing sales, so get in touch to find out if your child’s has one. If it doesn’t, suggest it to the PTA and, if you can, volunteer to help set one up. You could also organise a ‘swap shop’ event with other parents. These methods are particularly useful if your school has an official uniform with a logo, which is difficult to find affordably when bought new.

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