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Remember The Simpsons episode where Smithers causes a stampede at a toy store because Malibu Stacy has a new hat? Apple manages to create that kind of mania every time it comes out with a new iPhone, no matter how small the upgrade.

On Tuesday, the company revealed its next-generation phone at an Apple event in Cupertino, California. iPhone rumors and leaks were everywhere in the days leading up to the event, and the idea that one potential update would include three rear-facing cameras had consumers memeing it up with fake mockups on Twitter.

The idea of three separate cameras put some in mind of a fidget spinner.

Or a stove top.

Or a coconut.

Or a bowling ball.

Or aliens.

Or googly eyes.

Also maybe those three cameras have ulterior motives?

And some jokes were just about how much the phone is likely to cost. Spoiler: a lot.

And early reactions to the newly announced slo-mo selfies called "slofies" can pretty much be summed up in three words: all the nope.  

Originally published Sept. 10, 9:45 a.m. PT.   


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