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Ford 'Mustang-inspired' electric SUV will have 12,000-strong charging network on hand – Roadshow

Ford will gladly sell EV buyers a home charging station, too.


Ford knows a lack of charging stations may make the electric-car lifestyle a nonstarter for many, but ahead of the launch of its "Mustang-inspired" electric SUV, the automaker has made sure to calm those nerves.

Ford announced on Thursday it has developed a 12,000-strong charging station network, called the FordPass Charging Network, that its future electric-vehicle owners will be able to take advantage of. To be clear, these aren't new stations that Ford built or will build, but instead, a collection of 12,000 stations across the US that drivers will have access to with a new Ford EV. The first of them will be the upcoming Mustang-inspired electric SUV, due to launch next year.

The most useful of the charging stations will come from Electrify America, a Volkswagen Group subsidiary, that will provide Ford owners with access to its DC fast charging stations. I'll remind you Ford and VW tied the knot further this year with a closer alliance to share self-driving car resources, and the German automaker's electric-car platform for a Ford EV to be sold in Europe.


The ride height remains hidden, probably because enthusiasts need the idea of a Mustang-inspired SUV to be distributed in small, easy-to-process doses.


Ford estimates that at a 150-kW fast charger, its electric vehicles will add 47 miles of range in 10 minutes. An 80% battery charge should come in about 45 minutes. The automaker will continue to work with charging station installer Greenlots to add additional chargers to the FordPass Charging Network.

Every station included can be paid for through the FordPass app or via the car's touchscreen, too. Each station included in the network will also, when applicable, supply data showing drivers which stations are free and available to use. And when drivers plan to navigate to a destination, a "Power My Trip" tool takes the EV's present range into account to work in a charging station on the route.

Speaking of costs, the Blue Oval will sweeten the deal further. Every Ford EV owner will be granted two years of free charging at stations included in the network. After that, standard "low-cost" rates will apply, but free is never a bad thing.

As is the norm for EVs, each future Ford electric car will also come with a standard charger for at-home charging, too. This charger will be capable of using up to a 240-volt electrical outlet and will add about 23 miles per hour plugged in. If a 120-volt outlet is your only option, expect about 3 miles of range per hour. The best option will be Ford's new Connected Charger Station, which will dump an average of 32 miles of range per hour into the battery. Ford's also partnered with Amazon for upfront pricing and installation of the home charging station or a 240-volt outlet for owners.

Ford plans to kick off its electrified era with the aforementioned Mustang-inspired electric SUV and targets an EPA-rated range of 300 miles.

Ford 'Mustang-inspired' electric SUV will have 12,000-strong charging network on hand     - Roadshow

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