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Picard trailer, release date revealed during NY Comic Con – CNET

The latest trailer for Picard is taking us further into the future of the Star Trek universe decades after the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The show stars Sir Patrick Stewart returning as Jean-Luc Picard and will feature more returning appearances from Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Brent Spiner as Data. Other stars include Isa Briones as Dahj, Jonathan Frakes’ return as William Riker and Marina Sirtis’ return as Deanna Troi.

Picard’s release date of Jan. 23 was revealed as part of the trailer, and the show will run for 10 episodes.

The new teaser starts off showing Data (Brett Spiner) working on a painting on Picard’s vineyard and asking “Would you like to finish it, captain?” Picard says “I don’t know how,” and Data responds “That is not true, sir.” The sequence is revealed to be a dream, with Picard waking up to his dog and saying “Ohh it’s alright number one.”

Picard is then heard saying “I came here to find safety but one is never safe from the past,” and new character Dahj (Isa Briones) is seen asking Picard for help from someone who is after her. Picard heads to the Federation in San Francisco and spells out his name to someone who says, “It’s nice to see you up and around again” which Picard isn’t pleased to hear.

Picard is seen pleading for help to investigate what is happening to Dahj, proclaiming he is standing up for what the Federation should still stand for. He leaves and other new characters who do join him are seen, including one character wielding a sword.

Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine takes the screen briefly, dual-wielding two guns against a group shooting at her.

Then the big kicker for this trailer reveals Jonathan Frankes’ return as William Riker, visited by Picard. Another woman hugs Picard, and Picard thanks Riker for “not talking him out of this.”

Picard is set for a 2020 debut on CBS All Access in the US as well as Amazon Prime Video internationally.


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