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Save up to 36% with these cheap iPad Pro deals at Amazon – GamesRadar

If you're worried about all the cheap iPad Pro deals selling out on Black Friday, today might be a good one for you. Those looking for a premium tablet model for gaming, as well as everyday use, should point their browser to Amazon today, as there are a bunch of Apple products in sale. Right now, there is a range of the 10.5-inch iPad Pros reduced by up to 36%, offering swinging discounts on a handful of the slabs.

We think the iPad Pro is definitely one of the best gaming tablets going. Whatever you think about getting wrapped up in Apple's ecosystem/s, the gaming prowess and ability of the Pro - as well as its general performance for everyday enjoyment and use - is undeniable. We have previously praised the Pro as the "pinnacle of tablet design," given its versatility, sharp Retina display, and precise touch controls that make it a fantastic contender for any game you choose to play. It really is that good. Here is the full range of deals.

They all offer great value, but the two below are probably what we'd go for if we had to make a decision. These aren't the most up-to date models - i.e. of this year or cycle - but that really doesn't matter: such is the excellence of premium gaming tablets, that being a year old is barely a problem at all for tablets nowadays. The less-expensive prices are on the smaller capacity models, but they'll still offer the same wonderful performance.

Cheap iPad Pro deals today

Beyond some beefed-up specs, however, Apple has put in the work to make sure this one device can serve as an intuitive tablet when you just want to kick back and as a potent computer when you need to get down to work. Pair it with a removable Smart Keyboard ( of the right size) that doubles as a screen cover and you'll be ready for pretty much whatever, whenever. Yes, they are a big investment but they will have a great lifespan and serve you well for years to come. Genuinely.

If you're looking to boost your gaming setup in anyway, make sure you start out right with one of the best gaming PCs or one of the best gaming laptops.

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