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The All New GoPro Hero 8 Black

The all new GoPro Hero 8 black can be described as beyond next level with its unshakable 2.0 stabilisation and built in mounting. Each year GoPro has been revealing a new unique feature, instead this year they have decided to update all of their features which has created a huge step for the GoPro.

There is a variety of pros to the new GoProHero 8, this includes a improved stability, a new practical design and the easy usage while maintaining all of its pro features. It is said that the whole experience of the GoPro is much more refined.

You can now save the hassle of having to buy an additional frame to mount and connect accessories, as the new Hero 8 has the mounting fingers built in. We have also seen that last years feature of HyperSmooth has been updated with a promise of even better stabilisation, across all frame rates and resolutions.

Many of other features have also been updated, as well as two whole new features being introduced; Digital Lenses and Capture Presets. Both of these new features are said to be great shortcuts, making it much easier to use and understand.

For information on the new GoPro Hero 8 Black, Head over to Engadget.

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