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Your Google and Gmail will now share a single profile photo – CNET

Gmail and Google profile photos will now be one.

Angela Lang/CNET

Google on Monday said it's combining G Suite users' Gmail photos with their Google account profile photos. Now, when users of Google's suite of tools for business want to change their picture in Gmail, they'll be led to the "About me" section of their Google profile settings.   

Currently, photos set in Gmail don't extend to users' Google accounts, which Google says can be confusing. Now, users can set a single profile picture in one place, which will be shown across all Google apps. 

When Gmail users go to Settings, then General, then My Picture to set their new image, they'll be directed to the About me section of their Google account.

If you currently have two different images on your Gmail and Google accounts, you'll be asked to choose one or to upload a new picture when you go to your About me settings. 

The feature began rolling out Monday.

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