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There are some killer Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals right now

You can score a Galaxy Note 9 for as little as £300.

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I say this with all due kindness and respect: If you pay full price for a Samsung phone, you’re nuts. Every year, new models emerge with £800, £900, even £1,000 price tags. And a year later (sometimes less), those same models can be had for half as much (sometimes less).

Indeed, this morning I spotted a very good Best Buy deal on last year’s Galaxy Note 9 (see below), and that led me to other deals that are arguably even better. So let’s take a look at your options — keeping in mind that next year at this time, we’re likely to be having the same conversation about the Galaxy Note 10. The Galaxy Note 9 still sells for £900 new, but if you buy it from Best Buy and activate a new account or line of service at Verizon, you’ll save a whopping £600.

If you’re already a Verizon customer, you can upgrade to the Note 9 for £400. You can also finance the phone over 24 months for £12.49 per month with a new line, or £16.66 as an upgrade. My advice: Do the one-time payment option so you’re not on the hook for 24 months. (It’s not entirely clear from the Best Buy page, but there’s no language indicating you have to stay with Verizon after activating service.)

At time of writing, I spotted at least 20 different Amazon sellers offering the unlocked Note 9 for anywhere from £381-£399.

The link below will take you to one of them; if it’s sold out there, you should see the next best option. (You can also look for the Other Sellers box on Amazon for more choices.) Most of these seem to be covered by the Amazon Renewed program, meaning they should look and operate like new. They’re also covered by a 90-day warranty.

I love this option, because I can take the phone to just about any carrier and not be on the hook for any kind of financing or lease agreement. Search this buy-back service for the Note 9 and you’ll find a couple dozen of them, some priced as low as £360. Some are tied to specific carriers, some are unlocked.

Some are in “good” condition, some “very good,” some “pristine.” Whatever options you choose, you’ll get a 12-month warranty. My advice: Opt for an unlocked model if you can. You should be able to unlock carrier-specific models, but the process varies from one carrier to another and can be a hassle.

So there you go!

Three great options for getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for not £1,000. Which one might you choose, and why?

There are some killer Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals right now

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